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Our mission is to create a safe working, learning, and living spaces in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Safety, we believe, is a personal responsibility. Still, we also know that the societies we live in have a role in ensuring those in it are guaranteed safety and security.

Our site is all about educating you on life skills and giving you safety tips tailored to help you avoid danger, risk, and harm in your daily life.

We have done extensive research on life skills and safety and curated quite insightful pieces to help anyone looking for this kind of information. To give you a clear perspective on what our site is all about, below are some of the topics we have covered.

How to Start a Life Skill Education Centre

For entrepreneurs looking into starting education centres where people can be taught about life skills and safety, we have researched and put together tips and insights to help you. We have created a checklist of some of the factors you must always get right before getting started from funding, securing premises, and the registration process.

Importance of Life Skills

Life skills aren’t only crucial in adulthood; they are a big part of a person’s development right from birth. We desire to equip you with the essential life skills that you can use in everyday life. For teachers looking for resources on teaching about life skills, you will find a lot of inspiration here. We have also created a list of safety and life skills learning centres in Northern Ireland.

Office Safety

We have extensively researched work safety. For organisations looking for tips to enhance their safety standards, we have put together excellent advice to help you achieve that. We have dedicated a section on the site on this topic since we believe this is an important aspect that directly impacts an organisation’s performance. There are expert suggestions for workers looking for tips and insights on safety and life skills to help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

To learn more about life skills and safety, browse through our site and let us know what other topics you would like us to cover.