Farm Safety Week 4-8th July 2016 - 'Be Aware Kids'

Farm Safety Week 4-8th July 2016 - 'Be Aware Kids'

6 Jul 2016

Lots of children live on farms, many of us live near farms or visit farms during the year. Farms can be exciting places, but they can also be dangerous, if you don’t know how to stay safe. At RADAR we understand the importance of developing ways to identify dangers on the farm and our Farm Safety tour helps Key Stage 2 students to stay safe on farms. We know that the risk increases with the summer holidays when children are off school and spend more time outside.

Urging farming families to take extra care this year, HSENI Chief Executive Keith Morrison said: “It is important to educate children about safety on the farm so that they can be aware of potential dangers and learn how to avoid them. As many children from farming families will also become our farmers of the future, it is vital that they learn about safety from a young age and develop good habits early. I’d urge parents to take a few moments to think about the safety of children and to put in place simple measures so that your family have a happy and safe summer on the farm. Please make sure children are kept well away from livestock, harmful substances, falling objects, slurry gas and slurry tanks, and moving vehicles such as tractors, quad bikes or harvesters.”

For information on how to stay safe, HSENI run the 'Be Aware Kids' child safety on farms campaign as part of HSENI's commitment to eliminating fatal accidents and serious injuries on Northern Ireland's farms. The "Farm Safe" video can be viewed here.

Be Aware of the Risks to Children

Fatal farm accidents involving children and young people are too common in the 24,500 farms across Northern Ireland. Tragically 105 children have died on Northern Ireland Farms since 1968 with machinery being the number one cause of farm deaths. Other main causes of accidents involving children include;

  • Falling from moving vehicles, mainly tractors
  • Being stuck by moving tractors and machinery
  • Drowning in slurry/water or as a result of being overcome by slurry gas
  • Falling objects

At the heart of RADAR’s farm safety tour exploring these hazards check out our full size RADAR tractor which provides the opportunity to participate in an interactive activity whereby children experience firsthand that just because they can see a farm vehicle doesn't mean the driver can see them! Thus raising awareness of the dangers that moving vehicles present on the farm. For more information on farm safety at RADAR, please visit our education pages.

Posted by: Sonya